Collect and protect habitats and wildlife
Welcome to Zooterra, a patent-pending platform to engage in wildlife and habitat conservation in a direct, transparent, and fun way, using digital tokens, geolocation and satellite imaging technologies.
How It Works
Become a Guardian of nature with Zooterra.
Have a stake in nature
Buy one-of-a-kind digital tokens called terras each linked to 1 hectare (2.5 acres) of natural area from around the world.
Personalize your action
With each purchase, support a specific project linked to your terra’s habitat, wildlife or the surrounding community which are interconnected in conserving the natural area.
See your impact
Get periodic updates for your projects and receive satellite imaging analysis to see the health of the habitat that you are supporting.
Collect and have fun
Build your Guardian of nature history by collecting unique project badges and terras from countries around the world and reach higher Guardian levels.
Nature is more precious and vulnerable than ever, but the lack of transparency and personalization in the current engagement model prevents more people from taking action.
6th Mass Extinction
We are going through Earth’s 6th species mass extinction with 60% of wildlife population loss since 1970.
85% Habitat
Habitat loss is probably the greatest threat to the variety of life affecting 85% of endangered species. We have lost half of all rainforests and 33% of protected land is highly degraded.
$125 Trillion
Nature generates $125T of value per year so we depend on it, but people are not compelled to contribute enough money towards its conservation.
Zooterra is transforming the nature conservation experience by becoming the most direct, transparent and fun way to help protect wildlife and natural habitats

Zooterra is tokenizing natural areas into digital tokens called terras. Each terra is a unique collectible linked to a hectare (2.5 acres) of natural area from around the world. This helps us visualize, take stock of, and better connect with nature.

70% of the proceeds from each terra directly support projects associated with the terra.

As you collect terras from around the world, you build your “Guardian” history and reach higher levels, while getting updates on the projects and wildlife you’ve supported and satellite image analysis.

Projects are executed by high quality partners such as Wildlife Works adhering to best practices including the Climate, Community and Biodiversity standards.

Zooterra is a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) using a market-based model for environment conservation

Our mission is to enable everyone to have a stake in nature. Become a Guardian of Nature and help transform the way we protect habitats and wildlife.